We specialize in the maintenance, service and adaptation of smoke and heat extraction systems and fire-stopping structures of industrial facilities.


About us

We offer the installation and maintenance of smoke and heat extraction domes, skylights, opening drivers, fire-stopping doors, gates and connected systems throughout the country since our founding in 2004. Thanks to our competence and skilled professionals we have been the market leaders in Hungary for several years now.

Our international connections, decades of experience and continuous education and innovation enable us to provide services and technical solutions complying with all legal, technical and quality requirements.

Everything we are good at


Smoke and heat extraction systems

Our main areas of activity are the maintenance, servicing and adaptation of smoke and heat extraction systems.

Including – but not limited to – domes, skylights, opening drivers, wall and roof shutters, vents, smoke control dampers, smoke extraction doors and windows and rolling smoke aprons, which our professional team can attend to regardless of brand according to the Manufacturer’s Declaration

Fire stopping structures

Our other main area of activity is providing services connected to fire stopping structures.

For example, the maintenance and examination of fire stopping doors and gates as well as different activities and their documentation connected to smoke aprons, curtains or shutters.


Throughout the years our customers have trusted us with several different tasks outside our core activities.

With several years of experience, today we are confident in taking on tasks connected to industrial and sectional gates, dock levellers and beacons too.

Why choose us?

The key to our efficiency

Being able to respond to our clients’ requests as soon as possible and with great expertise lies at the core of our processes - be it coordinating maintenance activities, emergencies or large-scale remodelling of RWA systems.

We utilize state-of-art fire safety software, fleet tracking systems and cloud-based services which enables our colleagues to start working on an issue right away regardless of where they are in the country.

Environmentally conscious organizational culture

Green solutions, innovation

Nowdays the responsibility of companies in creating and shaping environmentally conscious thinking and striving toward green solutions is growing.

We at Autent Hungária put great emphasis on finding new possibilities to decrease our ecological footprint therefore we partnered with FiREG.hu to create the smoke and heat extraction module of their fire safety software.

This cloud-based service enables us to speed up maintenance related activities and document said activities in real-time without using a single sheet of paper.

Selected articles:

Continuous development

Education and development

It is important for us to have a team representing our company in accordance with our core values and principles.

Continuous training is essential to keep our market leader position in an ever-changing environment. Therefore, we created a training program for our employees that combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience about the technologies they will need to utilize during their maintenance and service work.